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when people live in a high-pressure life for a long time, have they ever longed for a place where they can release their hearts and minds? At the end of the weekend, an organic party was held at Mount Niu, Hualian, with a short history of forgetting the busyness and immersion of the moment with the catalysis of the beach and the music. this time, Adidas Originals works with Pharrell Williams, the 'Pink Beach' series that draws on island culture and applies many vibrant patterns and colors to shoes, money, and clothing. From the cooperation between the two sides so far in the product, can actually be seen most design using high chroma, regardless of shoes or dress, let a person find everything fresh and new, also saw a multi-faceted product. This cooperation to bring Elastic Lace Up and Elastic Slip On two pairs of new shoes, in detail, combined with Stan Smith outline and Qasa elastic fabric, the overall tonality is also similar to Pharrell Williams individual style. Adidas Originals' Pink Beach 'series is now on sale in some foreign stores, and there is no news in Taiwan at present. source: Wishatl is now widely used in the Internet, and any movement can be distributed / shared / exchanged / purchased over the internet cheap jordan shoes for men ... Etc of course, even all kinds of knowledge / information can be easily obtained; and the overseas magazine? COMPLEX? For shoes category, statistical ranking twenty of the world's most popular shoes website / blog, you can browse to the friends of shoes. 20.Sneaker Report:2012 new website, detailed analysis reported that the performance of each shoe mainly. 19.FreshNGood: Italian web site for a full range of street information sites, you can read through Google translation. 18.US11: Japanese blog, which provides a complete picture / purchasing information link, that is to say, you don't necessarily need to understand japanese. 17.Defy. New York: Shoes / music / fashion / life information website, with a vintage attitude. 16.Classic Kicks: founder Nick Santora once opened a shoe shop in New York, but later closed, and the site can still read and find a lot of early historical information. 15.Inside The Sneakerbox: Clyde Edwards founded the shoes blog, high-definition high-definition image sharing network as the main axis. 14.Modern Notoriety: focus on shoes coverage and provide effective purchase links. 13.Counter Kicks: daily news coverage, informative, detailed, extensive and informative. 12.Jordans Daily: have any info Retro jordans for sale rmation about Jordan, updated daily. 11.Sneaker Watch: category column, multiple sneakers website. 10.Freshness: a popular web site for street information, not just websites that focus on sneakers. 9.Kix and the City: years of operating shoes website, video production as the dominant. 8.Kicks on Fire: each brand's shoes are updated daily. 7.Hypebeast: a popular web site for street information, not just websites that focus on sneakers. 6.Highsnobiety: a popular web site for street information, not just websites that focus on sneakers. 5.Kicks Deals: a new sneaker website launched last year, which emphasizes the sharing of information. 4.Sole Collector: the daily news sharing website for shoes magazines. 3.Sneaker Freaker: the daily news sharing website for shoes magazines. 2.Sneaker News: the American sneaker website has a large amount of daily visitors; the report is quick, detailed and extensive. 1.Nice Kicks: the top ranked site for Matt Halfhill.Paul George's first signature shoe Nike PG1 customer service in combat by quite good response, Nike PG1 and Paul George color version players were dressed in naturally become the object of discussion, and has been listed in Taiwan this PG1 Paul George is one of the color I have u cheap jordans for sale mens sed, the United States in March 15th this year he against the Hornets in their own home court when cut into 39 minutes of the game is that the PG1 'Glacier Grey', this is his personal season in the regular season among the second highest single game scoring battle. Nike PG1 "Glacier Grey" shoes to gray tone and in the PG Logo and the outer bottom part to deep blue as embellishment, add ink to design after half suede material, so that the whole shoe exudes cool atmosphere, rich visual sense. Nike PG1 'Glacier Grey' is now available in Taiwan, with a male price of $3800 and a child of $3200. You can buy it at Nike's official website or ask the local dealer and outlets. source: Nike / Sneaker News / Getty Images we previously in the Avengers 2: alltronic era this year will have large hit, forecast Adidas will launch a series of related shoes for it, including the adizero Prime Boost. I believe the person who has seen the film is definitely no stranger to it, and a little more careful recall, whether or not to remember the new role for the first time in the film collection, "fast silver", took a pair of silver green shoes before the task? Nothing wrong! It is today to introduce to you the protagonist, uppers of Primeknit dig cheap foamposites ital knitting technology crafted, also equipped with its popular Boost technology shock bottom as auxiliary, the end surface of the second layer of skin like a really will be a kind of a dress can cast magic fast moving the illusion to the heel of Avengers marked so that either fans or shoes many friends can feel a special commemorative significance. source: HYPEBEAST very Nike HyperAdapt 1 not only the concept of the future practice of automatic banding system, also on behalf of Nike products in the future layout planning, and the introduction of high technology shoes will be tested and corrected with will repeatedly appeared in front of us eventually finished goods. Recently, Nike innovation director Tiffany Beers also introduced to you in the HyperAdapt design process, experienced three design samples, thanks to the blessings of these predecessors, in order to have the final HyperAdapt 1. White the first double style prototype, this stage is mainly in accordance with the sketch design Tinker first, and the new design into which, like the combination of Flyweave and Flywire in the joint system, the effect is quite good. In addition, in this version, the 5 laces on the upper part of the shoe are also started to be test Cheap air jordans for sale ed at once. In addition, we can also see the initial sample is more quickly in the sketch style to put together, so at this stage of the whole contour can see other styles of shadow, like foreign bottom Air Mag shoes, Air Jordan XX8 collar structure. then try adding more hidden designs to the next black sample. Tinker amended the original sketches of the shoe body height, and get more inspiration from Air Mag, this is the first time to start the new development in science and technology into shoes. In addition, only 2 shoelaces will be tied in this release, unlike the previous stage. finally, in the second round of the design, tried to hide the automatic lacing device in the shoe. Then, in the third round, go back to the design of the first paragraph, and revise the details to make it more streamlined, sleek, and close to the final look, and to reduce weight. The final sample design team in known as' stealth ', due to the sample although through many personnel try, but always keep a low profile, do not let it to external exposure, but also to the relevant personnel can focus on to find out the existing problems in the design process. can clearly see the evolution of HyperAdapt in the 1 part of the official Nike data, Retro jordans for sale but in fact our feet every pair of shoes are by the same process, over and over again, the modified design, in loop mode, until finally no problem can become our feet shoe shoe. And in the picture, we can also find some interesting points, such as the concepts shown in Tinker's manuscript and related inspiration, to learn more about the technology shoes from the clips. source: Nike2016 spring on the occasion, PUMA Ignite will give a new look, in the Lunar New Year holiday limited edition of Ignite Sock 'Fast Track' series of shoes, big hit color aesthetics and creative geometry. Ignite Sock Fast Track Ignite retains the shoes comfortable foot feeling, the sole Ignite forming elastic soles, to remove the tongue because of the foot move displacement discomfort, design team to take "socks", the tongue and the shoe body is integrated into one, high collocation breathable mesh material, so that the body of the shoe a more complete coating on the feet, improve wearing comfort. In visual design, in order to follow the Spring Festival colorful atmosphere, PUMA color block and totem mosaic creative, through color collocation and dots, geometric totem mosaic, create a new look. PUMA, Ignite, Sock, Fast, Track, Taiwan will be liste cheap jordans for sale d this month, it is suggested that the price is NT$3980 yuan, the outlets are as follows. as the number one endorsement star, Adidas Crazy Explosive Low, how can you lose the Andrew Wiggins player version?! Earlier exploration shoe for everyone was reported in Crazy Explosive Low's upcoming news, did not expect the Japanese distributor of GALLERY? 2 was released as Andrew Wiggins version, blue tone and Crazy Explosive high cylinder version of the known styles are quite different, love Wiggins fans may have to watch it up (laugh). Japan is scheduled for February 23rd listing, the price is $21600 (including tax), prospecting shoe friends if at the local, these days you can go to the store to see the real shoes. source: GALLERY, 2?Mo, Farah, Galen, Rupp and Allyson Felix are not only outstanding achievements, but they are also talented, different, speed, and adhere to the professional ethics of competitive sports. On the choice of running shoes, they all love the Nike Zoom Air series - the Nike's most responsive slow vibration technology running shoes. In the twentieth year of the birth of the Nike Zoom , Air will continue to provide athletes with comfortable, sensitive cushioning. The flexible response of the Air Zoom s Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping hock system comes from the tight woven elastic fibers in the pressure Nike Air air cushion. When the athlete foot touches the ground, these fibers receive compression absorption shock, and then quickly restore the original state, produce the instantaneous explosion ground strong bounce. As a result, athletes can have quick and slow pace, whether in the morning run or in the pursuit of the best results in the marathon. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 is a soft running series of shoes designed for everyday repetitive training. The new Pegasus running shoes are faster and more responsive. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 inherits its loyal fans of the main performance: to create the heel cushioning pace Zoom Air air cushion, breathable uppers and comfortable fit dress sense; while the introduction of a number of enhancements, including wave shaped shoe, more comfortable to 10 millimeters and reduce the gap to bring more natural palm the gait and foot foot saddle ergonomic design can bring more extra support for the. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 32 in early July at the designated store point of sale. Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 The Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 is the lightest of the Zoom running shoes, a minimalist speed machine designed for fast and light ru Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping nners in training and competition. Zoom Air provides forefoot on pavement response moment for the runners. Before and after to 8 mm height difference palm runner closer to the ground, get more control. Its sleek upper combines the Nike Flywire technology, seamless upper and light mesh, bringing support, breathability, and a great fit. Nike Air Zoom Elite 8 in early July at the designated store point of sale. Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 as a typical top soft series running shoes, Nike Air Zoom Vomero 10 is a long distance running feet eager tool. It combines extremely sensitive Zoom Air air cushion and soft Lunarlon foam 〉 will shortly before, the NBA 2K16 games announced the Big Ten Conference guard value, John & middot; wall in this list ranked fifth (ability value 87) and all Adidas signing players ranked one of the highest. The celebrated his 25 birthday of Wal Mart, is also another kind of affirmation. Now, he is preparing for the new season. Whether from experience or physical condition, wall is gradually to mature period, he had earlier began very early and enter the training mode, and encouraged his teammates to enter the state, preparatory private training camp. In its new signature shoes, we could see the wall cheap jordans online high hopes for the new season. PFP positioning, simple design, whether it is in the period of Reebok or command now Adidas, wall's signature shoe is to give people the feeling of actual combat. Wall J 2 is still a continuation of this design direction, but the price is more expensive than the previous generation of 70 yuan (price RMB:999). From a functional point of view, Wall J 2 to the direction of a more rapid, in the soles of the system settings, it has a very similar with the CrazyQucik 3 style. Only in the elements, as well as the protection of the protection and so on. obviously, wall for the concept of CrazyQuick series of design is recognized and has served as a quick campaign as the chief spokesman of it, and hope that the only fast break concept let oneself more sharp weapons in the new season. In addition to the fast combat system, J wall 2 above generation, and individual elements related to the wall are arranged in the shoes on the way of shading. In detail, we can see such as: Mama 's boy that represent the discourse of affectionate mother; five deep symbolizes grew up with Wal Mart's friends; Raleigh 919 is was born in North Carolina, area code, and Raleigh capitol city name; the meaning of great wall, except we are familiar with the great architectural and wal for the future vision. These are the key words formed on the sole of JW Logo, it is these people with his lovely hometown today wal. and about the actual performance of this pair of sneakers, just like this orange is as bright, no compromise. slow shock: 5 points so far, all the CrazyQuick system of basketball shoes in the shock resistance of this score, are embarrassed low points. Wall J 2 also did not escape the curse, in order to pursue fast, shoes in the middle of the bottom thickness made a sacrifice, but also lost the thickness of the buffer. If your knee is not good, or very value the softness of the shoes, it is recommended to choose Rose D 6. If your body is light, the game is the only fast break, then the Wall J 2 is paradise. But no matter what, this is Wall J 2, this is wo 〉At the end of Change is the largest followed by the original 23 offset by 45 embroidery replaced, and the body of the shoe leather has a greater area of the parcel, gloss effect is more outstanding. will be officially on sale in December 17th, priced at $$220, or $1599 in the Chinese area should be RMB, must be men and women and children together. for such a pair of more Space Jam jam fashion, how do you expect? item: 378037-003 release date: December 17thPrice:Nike shoes culture of the world's largest foundry gold hen expedition Vietnam History 2006-12-05 10:28:47 & nbsp; Chinese shoes network & nbsp; [source: financial] Print & nbsp; Close & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Earth knows Nike, but how many people know that Nike foundry behind it? Yue Yuen Industrial (Holdings) Limited (0551.HK, hereinafter referred to as "Yue Yuen Industrial") is one such "hidden champions." & Nbsp; Back in 1994, this Nike world's largest foundry set foot on land in Vietnam, became the largest local foreign companies. In late 2006, Yue Yuen Industrial in exports is expected to exceed $ 1 billion. expansion momentum over Indonesia As China Taiwan subsidiary of Pou Chen, Yue Yuen Industrial in Taiwan, is known as the "golden hen." This house specializing in sports shoes, casual shoes, sandals and shoes, accessories manufacturing enterprises most factories located in mainland China, Indonesia and Vietnam. In addition to the production of Nike brand sports shoes, the company has manufacturing, sales Adidas, PUMA and other world famous. Yue Yuen Industrial has three industrial zones in Vietnam, the number of employees reached 80,000 people, the existing production line 114, although compared to its size (194) there are gaps in Dongguan, but far more than Indonesia bases (66). "In recent years we have been to accelerate investment in production line, a multi-million dollar investment is about." The company spokesperson Mr Yip told reporters. 2005, the Yue Yuen Industrial total exports in Vietnam is about $ 900 million, the same year, to expand production scale, the company has in one of the base - Dong Nai with bought large tracts of land. According to the company statement, although the existing 80,000 employees stationed in Vietnam, but there is no problem and put tens of thousands of people in the industrial area company belongs. 2006, has a total of 359 production line of Yue Yuen Industrial, almost simultaneously expand production lines in China and Vietnam, increasing 11 and 10 respectively. Recently the company will be the largest fund-raising activities (including capital and issuing new shares unsecured convertible bonds) amount to reach 13.2 billion yuan Taiwan dollars (about 3.3 billion yuan); raised funds for the expansion of the plant and the expansion of the mainland sales channels. trapped /〉 Related news

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