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recently, Xiao Wang weight loss effect is very obvious, only two months time, weight from the original 78 kilograms, to 73 kilograms. Although he had lost a lot of weight, he felt a severe pain in his left knee, no use of hot compress, and a clatter in his knees. Xiao Wang went to the hospital to take a snap. The results showed osteoarthritis of the left knee joint and the injury of the knee ligament. Xiao Wang is depressed, how does his knee hurt? Li Jing, deputy director of the acupuncture and moxibustion Department of the Nanjing Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said the reason for the reason: improper exercise, resulting in osteoarthritis of the knee joint.

knee swelling after crazy walking

Xiao Wang, a young white-collar, started running and basking in the results of his exercise months ago, mainly by watching the steps of the people walking and ranking the number of steps. Xiao Wang felt very good. He always sat in office for a long time. He always lacked exercise and had a lot of drying steps. He could not only increase his driving power, but also feel the excitement of the game. In order to increase the amount of exercise, Xiao Wang starts a crazy walk after work, with an average of more than 30 thousand, and sometimes even more than 40 thousand. 2 months later, Xiao Wang became a sports man and was praised by many people every day. It was because of the continuous high intensity of walking every day, Wang's knee was damaged. Li Jing introduced that due to incorrect walking posture, overweight and excessive exercise leading to knee degenerative changes, it can lead to knee osteoarthritis.

rainy day road slippery persists movement fracture more

in addition to the mad activists such as Xiao Wang, a lot of people still can't resist running in the rain. Zhou Xue, a doctor of acupuncture and moxibustion Department of the Nanjing traditional Chinese medicine hospital, met a patient who said he would go to the underground garage in the district on a rainy day. A few days ago, he is running in the underground garage, accidentally slipped and fell to fracture. Dr. Zhou said that such running habits are not advocated. Because in the rainy day, underground garage is often easy to water, the ground is wet and slippery, a little careless will cause fracture. In addition, the underground garage is not circulated because of the air, more cars are in and out, and the residue of automobile exhaust is unavoidable in the air. Running in this environment can't hurt the human body. In recent days, there are few patients like this because of sports slipping and falling.

three point advice to keep in mind

1, old people can not climb more mountain

many elderly people believe that climbing the stairs and climbing a mountain is a sports way of fitness and money saving, but they do not know that these sports methods are not conducive to the protection of the knee joint. The mountain, the stairs will make the loading of knee joint, and down the stairs, down the mountain in addition to its own weight, but also the burden of knee joint undershoot strength, will increase the damage to the knee.

2, run fast as fast as
run has a certain impact on the knee joint, which is not conducive to the protection of the knee joint. "No good speed Minyan step, walk slowly when Xieqi, is to remind the elderly to walk too much too fast. Keep proper speed >

30th anniversary, the development process, exquisite layout of the exhibition hall, the night conference protagonist Lunar Force 1

from AIR to LUNAR, from the past to the future. AF1, unique, timeless classics, thirty years of continuous innovation, continue to interpret the future!

on the evening of December 7, 2012, the Nike Sportswear AF1 30th anniversary ceremony was opened at the Himalaya Museum of art in Shanghai. The campaign reviewed the Nike Air Force 1 in a highly creative way - an unlimited charm that defines the classic shoes of the streets and sports, across the field and culture. The thirty Air Force 1, which is officially released on the spot, including Nike, Lunar, Force, 1, has demonstrated its inexhaustible vitality and full of strength in the future.
30 upcoming new Force family shoesFive Marines from the festival brought together
China, northern, Eastern and southern Hongkong, and the Taiwan region, they are from basketball, tennis shoes, B, DJ of R& and dance, performing arts in different areas of the leader, the ONE TEAM in the form of appearance. China men's national soccer team goalkeeper Wang Dalei, Nike Xie Wenkai, Taiwan skateboarders basketball player Wang Xinkai, New York Bridge Runner Knox Robinson also run team debut scene, share them with Air Force 1 stories and the outlook for the future.
space theme presents the classic AF1
Dan Tobin Smith, an internationally renowned artist, is also inspired by the unique AF1 and is involved in the creation of still lifes, presenting the legendary story of Air Force 1. Still have the shoes of the sculpture from components such as air cushion, the sole; is critical in the development of AF1 objects such as shoes, the first six; and in the center is a rocket ship, skateboarding, molecular model and the rubber band ball, the four still tells the story of a pair of sculpture from the 1 to Air Force Nike Lunar Force 1 in the thirty years the road of innovation.

is shown with thirty sets of still life sculptures, and a round POWERWALL inspired by concentric circles of Air Force 1 soles. POWERWALL on display of these new Force family, including the Nike Lunar Force 1, Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot, Nike Air Force, 1 Foamposite and other sports shoes. These shoes bring together the classic product's unique DNA and Nike's innovative spirit, highlighting the light, breathable and comfortable three core design principles, showing the future of Air Force 1. POWER>

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