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today, the rabbit wants to share a

true and touching love story

is a collection of love shoes sneaker, in order to discuss the female happy Valentine's day tickets, send a pair of Air Jordan 12 GS Plum Fog for her. Take what beautiful cherry pink bunny, would like to boast he is again determined to have a Boy.

but things did not go as the direction of development, the ticket open the box to see shoes on the black face, riding on the Department of Putian red shoes, swinging out of the Shai YSL small tassel, leave a word: your eyes turned to leave only your shoes, you know, people have to send Tom Frod CPB, SK2?! Is really a killjoy bumpkin.

Boy is a left face: we play heavy shoes, there is a day called clodhoppers? Ward day. If the rabbit in the field, to help Boy girl shouted: you Tom Ford misspelled hello! This will not have different views not worth mentioning, but if she knew her eyes of a pair of shoes casually fried to thousands, a pair of shoes for more than a dozen YSL, she probably will soon take the shoes, and then sold it... Well.
The amount of
, sneaker Boy & 's love; Girl or There are plenty of people who, knew a college boy rabbit, collected above about more than 40 pairs of various shoes, had to buy shoes, sold just bought a week iphone7. I want to have a son, I would grab a shoe to wear with him..!

in order to find more Master shoes, the rabbit, Emperor street and groove Zhengzhou music radio FM94.4 combined to create a "find shoes control" theme street in the street, caught countless friction shoes.

shoes street

Sneaker Shoot

the shoes trendsetter capture, the rabbit found Street basically occupied by Nike, AJ, AF, low and high for contests, then of course it ransacked the trendsetter pocket a wave of coconut, maishen could afford the yeezy350 two generation in our camera photographed still not low. The rabbit is also summarized, for this article shoes collocation tips:

all-match is white Air Saint products: Force;
If the
show short legs, please hold low;

AJ13 the future weaving is entering the AJ the best choice;
wear AJ1 and don't want to be too high, buy crack design;
on the street burst coconut, the rabbit had to admit that they wear pretty nice.

Li Xiang

micro-blog @Billx6127

From Gosha rubchinskiy
Plaid Shirt

Data map.

either for the training for the marathon or the running training in iron three, the training method is a blank for a lot of people. For most people, it is "a word doesn't fit". When they wear shoes, they run at their own speed, while they run a lot while they lose interest in running. Although a single kilometre and a kilometre pile up volume is effective for improving the running level, the following training techniques will not only make your running training interesting, but also make you break the bottleneck of running faster.


fartleks is an accelerated topography, or artificially set and to develop the method of endurance deceleration paragraph Nordic invention. Using the fartlek method no longer than 30 minutes, practice to change their own sense of self and speed according to the change of topography, but to the whole or a section in the sprint times do some provisions, and the freedom to determine the length of the paragraph and the deceleration fartleks structure. For example, through the way of trees, trash cans, street lamps and other reference objects, we continued jogging for 2~3 minutes, running at a speed of 100 meters, then running for 2~3 minutes, then running up to 50 meters (uphill) at middle and upper speed, and running for 200 meters until the end. The continuous running load and interval rest are maintained at a high level and the best heart rate range, which has a greater exercise effect on the heart function. At the same time, because of the intermittent time of muscle activity, it is also beneficial to improve the training effect and the body's ability to resist fatigue.

tempo run
rhythm is fixed at a speed, usually running for a period of time with the actual match speed or slightly lower than the match speed. The goal is to allow you to experience and adapt to the physical feeling of the actual competition in advance. Rhythm running is mainly used to improve the anaerobic threshold. Different runners and different training programs will define rhythm running in different ways. Generally speaking, running at a slightly uncomfortable pace. Sometimes, it runs with the previous 5K or 10K, and sometimes runs with the expected marathon speed.

interval training

interval running is a training course consisting of running and resting alternately. The intensity or speed of running is usually larger and faster than the whole course. Take more relaxed activities (walk or jogging) at rest and less completely. Interval training is an effective way to improve endurance, mainly to increase the intensity of the points set in the running. Run a set distance at the fastest speed, and then recover with a set distance at a slower pace to repeat. The usual interval training for marathon training is 800m, 1200m, or 1 miles (about 1.61km).

mountain run

improves your speed by running on a local hill, which can also be set on a treadmill by adjusting the slope. Running through the mountain is not only very important for the enthusiasts of the cross-country run, but also can effectively improve the body's heart rate level.

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