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may have never seen his cross talk,

can't have heard his name:

"Oh, God"

"I don't like to hear that"

"don't be nervous, I'm not a good man,"

so he has no value but high Yan aspect expression package industry,
's background has become a "big brother" Deyunshe,

doesn't have a high degree, but it's king king,

he is the red "little bacon" Yue Yunpeng!

; many people know his famous history is full of hardships,
but few people know that his history of losing weight is also not easy! in April 15, 1985, Yue Yunpeng was born in the countryside of Puyang, Henan. At the age of 13, Yue Yunpeng dropped out of school because of poor family, second years began to drift journey.
was a waitress, he once wrote two bottles of beer when he wrote the bill to the guest, and the guest scolded him for a few hours. He finally for the guests with dinner, but was expelled from the manager. in 2004 Yue Yunpeng was introduced to Guo Degang's theory of cross talk. But because of the cultural level is limited, Yue Yunpeng started only one chare in Deyunshe, 3 months after beginning to learn that crosstalk. in 2005, he made his debut, "15 minutes" because one sing forget the words only performed 3 minutes. Two years later, he was performing at the Shanghai gymnasium. This time his performance was smooth and natural and successful.

in 2016, he participated in the "happy" comedy and on behalf of Deyunshe won the championship. At this time, Yue Yunpeng was completely "fire", and in his words, one was not careful to become a net red. no one can succeed casually. Yue Yunpeng can achieve today's achievements in the crosstalk circle, depending on his constant persistence and accumulation. On the way to lose weight, he also made the insistence thoroughly. as for the reason of losing weight, it goes back to 2012. He went to the hospital for examination. As a result of obesity, many diseases were examined: hypertension, hyperglycemia, hyperlipidemia and so on. He sighed, "God, I'm only 27 years old, bless me!" obesity not only makes his stature ugly, but also brings a lot of complications to him. Under the helplessness, little Yue Yue can only go on the way to lose weight.

decides that after losing weight, the first thought of the little Yue Yue is not a running, but a "shortcut" in the diet. However, it doesn��t make any difference�� Xiao Yue also quickly came to the conclusion: "eating less weight is really not good for me. It's really bad for the body to take medicine, but it's the best way to lose weight by exercise, but swimming is probably drowned, so I decided to go for a run."

then Xiao Yue Yueh decided to run so happily. When he started running, Yue Yue was an inexperienced newcomer, wearing loose trousers and running on the edge.

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