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Ma Liangwu, from Yunnan, China, is the world's first Asian marathon.According to Japan's "
" Oriental Daily News reported that the Yunnan born China Ma Liangwu is Asia's first Grand Slam World Marathon in the game because the trapeze, perfect interpretation of speed and passion, runners gave him the nickname "Yunnan expert". But he himself is very modest, Ma said: I really do not "cow", just an ordinary person.

Ma Liangwu has been the third time to take part in the Tokyo marathon. In 2011, he ran out of the country and participated in the Tokyo International Marathon, becoming the fastest running Chinese player in the event. In 2016, he went to Tokyo to play, to complete the World Marathon six grand slam this ambition.

and he came to Tokyo this year to come to "make a promise". After joining the Tokyo marathon last year, he promised the Tokyo Chinese marathon club to come to Tokyo to share with you the experience of running and participating. A real man is, after 363 days, Ma Liangwu really came to Tokyo.

in February 26th, Ma Liangwu finished the race at the age of nearly 50 years old. In the final score sheet (top 500) announced by the official website of Tokyo marathon, Ma Liangwu ranked 301st, and her score was 2 hours, 38 minutes and 10 seconds, ranking the first among more than 1000 Chinese competitors.

took part in the Tokyo marathon and returned to Chuxiong, Yunnan, for only 8 hours, and received an overseas interview with reporters.

and Ma Liangwu's questions and answers

: congratulations on winning the first place of Chinese ginseng competition in Tokyo marathon in 2017. First of all, would you like to ask if you are satisfied with your performance?

answer: I am very satisfied with the performance of this marathon in Tokyo. After all, I am very old. The 50 year old man can run away from this achievement and is also unique in mainland China, so I feel quite satisfied.

: your alias is "Yunnan cattle man". We are also particularly curious. Where is your alias? Do you give us a brief introduction?

answer: my nickname is "Yunnan expert", how "arrogant", in fact is not the "cow". First I am a Yunnan man, second can't be a "cow man". I also said in Tokyo will share, the name "expert", I was at the age of 38, the first marathon ran for 3 hours, because then we still don't know my name, only know a 38 year old man from Yunnan, the first time will be able to run in 3 hour too "cattle", so he gave me a "Yunnan expert".

actually, I'm all the same, very common, and there's nothing particularly amazing. I myself felt that I was really not a "cow", but just an ordinary person.

: do you feel like going running and taking part in the overseas marathon, including the Tokyo marathon, what's the meaning of it?

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