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In October 12th, at the end of the week, the Henan University of Economics and Law teacher came to the playground with the students. Ma Yiheng
new network in Zhengzhou October (Ma Yiheng) 13 (Ma Yiheng) recently, Henan University of Economics and Law in order to motivate students to walk down the network, out of the dormitory, to the playground. "520, I ask the teacher to run" activities: as long as 5 students through micro-blog and a teacher @, teachers and students can meet at 5:20 in the afternoon to run together. On campus, "do you run a teacher today?" a greeting between students. On the Internet, it has become a hot topic for public friends.

students who participated in the activity agreed that the activity was creative and full of human feelings, which not only made running fun, turning exercise into habit, but also bridged the communication between students and teachers, narrowed the distance between the two, and cultivated the feelings of teachers and students.

12, although it was the weekend, but "520, I asked the teacher to run" activity was uninterrupted. At 5:20 in the afternoon, the reporter went to the Henan University of Economics and Law playground, students and teachers have been invited to start gathering in knots. The teachers and students jogging together, chatting, after several cycles, each group of teachers and students ended running. But there is still something more to say, all the teachers and students separately, some continue to play basketball sports, some sitting cuxi long talk on the lawn, some pictures...... Everyone is smiling.

"and the teacher is a friend. It's a great feeling to work together." Wei Ran, a junior student, told reporters that he was very serious in his impression. He always dared not have much contact with the teacher except for his study. But the development of this activity made her understand the pleasant and interesting aspect of her life, and was very happy to chat with her teacher and interact with him. "I enjoy exercising with my teacher and sharing the process of life, which will be a good memory of my college life."

has asked for second times. Zhang Long, a sophomore running by a teacher, told reporters that he wanted to run and exercise. But he had been lacking in motivation and exercise plan. So online games had become his only hobby. "The opportunity to exercise and communicate with your appreciative teacher is very attractive, and the use of micro-blog's flexible platform avoids the embarrassment of face-to-face solicitation. As a result, he set aside the Internet tour decisively, and joined the ranks of the army.

not only is the student's interest, but the school teacher is also willing to accept the student's running invitation. The second time teacher, Mou Wenqi, told reporters that she cherished the opportunity to move and communicate with the students. "In fact, teachers also want to get in touch with students in life. Running environment is closer to life, easy to communicate with students, understand students' needs, exercise and enhance their feelings." During the conversation with Mr. mu, another teacher, Ding Yong, who had been running around, had finished running and led the student to do stretching exercises. He called him "sweating with the students everyday, sweating very well."
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network, it is not yet about to run >

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